Expo Gallon White Board Cleaner

Expo Gallon White Board Cleaner - 3.79 L - Non-toxic, Stain Resistant, Ghost Resistant - Clear - 1Each
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Whiteboard cleaner cleans and restores whiteboards so they look and perform like new. Nontoxic cleaner is perfect for classroom use and conference rooms. Cleaner lets you easily wipe away stubborn stains and ghosting.

3.79 L - Non-toxic, Stain Resistant, Ghost Resistant - Clear - 1Each

SKU SAN81800
Manufacturer: Rubbermaid, Inc
Catalog Page Number: 667
Our price: CA$42.05
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Main Features

Fluid Quantity:3.79 L
  • Non-toxic
  • Stain Resistant
  • Ghost Resistant
Product Color:Clear
Assembly Required:No
Country of Origin:United States

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Whiteboard cleaner cleans and restores whiteboards so they look and perform like new. Nontoxic cleaner is perfect for classroom use and conference rooms. Cleaner lets you easily wipe away stubborn stains and ghosting.

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